Running a biz as an introvert can be overwhelming. So many of us in this online space are naturally introverted as it creates just enough space around us to recharge.
I’ve recently been thinking more about how I maintain a healthy inner life while constantly working in my biz and I’ve come up with a few tips. I’d love to hear yours!
  • Work from home – this lets me avoid spending my energy on real life interactions and allows me to channel it into my online and business relationships. If you’re in intro you know it’s not possible to do both!
  • Be upfront with my friends and family about my intro status – My peeps know I’m mad keen to connect over a cuppa but I’m always gonna decline a party. 🙅‍♀️
  • Know my cycle – if I have to have IRL meetings, Skype chats or attend events it ain’t gonna happen if I’m ovulating. 🤣.
  • Embracing the seasons – I’m full of energy in the Summer and Autumn so that’s when I do my best work. Winter and Spring is all about rest and recharging my creativity. I roll with it as much as I can.
  • Set parameters for myself around work – I NEVER work in the evenings, that’s my time to play on Pinterest and devour Netflix. Alone. Regardless of what time it is in the US I’m not replying to that email or DM until my morning cuppa is finished. ☕️.
  • Build in flex to my deadlines – Ever wondered why it takes me 2 weeks to create and ship pieces? It’s cos some days I just can’t deal. Creativity can’t doesn’t come on with a switch and I build that buffer into my working week.
Got any more ideas for living our best introvert lives?
X Steph