It seems strange to be posting here about pretty things when my country is going through such trauma. ….. Thank you to those who have checked in to see if we are ok, we are many miles away from existing bushfires so we are safe.
But I’m scared. And I’m sad. And I’m angry. I’m actually furious.
Furious at our leaders for letting this happen to our planet.
Furious about the world my daughter is going to have to live in thanks to their pathetic attempts at leadership.
But this new year as over 12 million acres of land has burned we have made a resolution. We aren’t waiting for our leaders, we are making our own changes.
As a family we are aiming to cut our emissions by 50% within the year. We are saving up for solar panels for our home and making lots of smaller changes within our lives and my business to meet this goal.
I hope you’re safe and well and I will be posting more soon but for now reflecting is where I will be.